Running for Dreams

There are seemingly unlimited resources for cancer treatment, research, and patient services. Running for Dreams is here to help kids who have lost a parent to cancer, to help kids with the things they want but maybe aren’t asking for.

Meet Phil de Gruy

Through an incredible journey from surgery and chemotherapy to endurance training and ultramarathons, Phil found a lifestyle change and a new purpose. After defeating cancer two times and realizing how blessed his family was, he decided there weren’t enough resources to help kids who have lost a parent to cancer. Running for Dreams is here to change that.

Latest posts

  • A lot going on lately!

    Man, it seems like there is so much going on this year with me and the foundation versus this time last year, which is a great thing!Last year at this time I had just attempted my #stageivto140point6 at the Ironman Coeur d’Alene. I put in the training and I traveled up to Idaho with an…

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  • Father’s Day and my cancer journey go hand in hand

    Father’s Day and my cancer journey go hand in hand

    Father’s Day 2015, I get sprung from an 8 day stay in the hospital after having surgery to remove an 8cm malignant tumor that had perforated my colon and was choking it off. Stage III Colon Cancer was the diagnosis but really the most pressing thing for me was getting out in time to make…

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  • Why Running for Dreams

    Why Running for Dreams

    I can’t say I love running, from 7th through 12th grades I was always running to lose weight for wrestling. Joined the Army and guess what? More running. From my mid 20’s until 49 I didn’t run much at all. Then cancer strikes, at some point during chemo, I said I was going to “do…

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Ever wonder how to make every day count? Well Jennifer and Phil want to inspire people to triumph through hard seasons, adversity or just everyday life and motivate them to live every day “MAKING It Count”.