Kiera MaGee lost her mom to breast cancer in 6th grade. As the very first grant recipient from the Running for Dreams Foundation, Kiera directed her funds towards covering her college expenses at the University of Oklahoma, where she started last fall. She hopes to go on to study medicine and eventually be an oncologist.

“I am deeply grateful for the profound impact the Running For Dreams Foundation has had on every aspect of my life, extending far beyond my academic journey. The support I received from their grant has been nothing short of transformative, allowing me to achieve milestones that many kids in situations similar to mine might find impossible. When Running For Dreams extended their support to me, it wasn’t just financial aid; it felt like a lifeline enabling me to pursue my dreams of making a positive impact. The grant not only eased the burden of educational expenses but also served as a powerful affirmation of my dreams, as it symbolized having a dedicated supporter who believed in my abilities and was willing to invest in my future. What sets this foundation apart is its unwavering commitment that extends beyond the academic accomplishments of its recipients, embracing their comprehensive development and overall well-being.

On a personal level, the impact has been profound. Running For Dreams didn’t just invest in my education; they invested in my growth. The confidence instilled in me has been a powerful force, propelling me to overcome challenges and set my sights higher than I ever imagined. I feel privileged to share my story about the Running For Dreams Foundation and hope it inspires other kids facing challenges to see a community ready to support them, believe in their dreams, and help turn those dreams into reality. Thanks to Running For Dreams, I’ve received an education and a family that cares about my success and the success of others like me.”

Kiara’s heartfelt testimony emphasizes the impact of the Foundation and highlights why we do what we do. We are honored to have played a part in Kiera’s pursuit of her dreams.

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